Cremated remains containers

Traditional Wooden caskets are provided with an engraved nameplate. Suitable for interment into the ground or for keeping a loved one at home.

£95 - £130 

Picture caskets are a great way to encapsulate your loved one's character. Bespoke and standard designs are available.

From £185

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Scatter tubes

Scatter tubes are practical, easy to use and decorative. There are many designs to match the character of your loved one.

Made from 90% re-cycled materials they are a favourite eco-friendly alternative to traditional caskets and urns.

Please talk to our staff for advice on sizing.

£20 - £50

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Other ideas

The range of ashes storage mediums is ever growing. There are new ideas and products coming out every day.

You will have heard of items like ashes to glass, jewellery, keepsake urns.


More contemporary items are picture frames, memory boxes, bird tables, statues - all of which can hold ashes.

You can even incorporate ashes into tattoos and fireworks.

Why not have a chat with us for ideas. Alternatively have a browse through the brochures below for some inspiration. 

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Scatter tube sizing

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