Comfort, reassurance, freedom from worry and stress - these are benefits mentioned by almost everyone with a Golden Charter funeral plan.  Many people, through losing loved ones, have known the grief of

bereavement and the stress of selecting the funeral arrangements, as well as the financial anxiety.  Sometimes they worry about how their sons, daughters or even grandchildren will cope at the time of their own



Consideration for others is the most common reason for buying a Golden Charter plan.  Peace of mind is the most common benefit.  With Golden Charter you know that your loved ones will be spared much of the burden of arranging your funeral.  You’ll have specified every detail of the funeral in advance, selected the funeral director and taken care of the costs.


You can be sure your money will always be secure.  Your payment goes directly to the Golden Charter Trust, which holds the money for your   funeral on behalf of participating funeral directors.  The Trust Fund is a  separate legal entity from Golden Charter.


We can provide you with advice on the selection of the funeral plan (three different plans are available or a bespoke plan is available through our ‘Independent Way’ funeral plans) and assist you in personalising the plan to accommodate all of your wishes for your own funeral. The Independent Way plan ensures that you have an accurate provision for 3rd party disbursements, based on local costs rather than national averages.

For example, you may wish to specify favourite hymns, music or

readings, or request that the funeral cortege of vehicles travel a certain route to the funeral or place of rest or you may have a special place you want ashes to be laid to rest.