Funeral Costs

Funeral arrangements can be provided from the simplest to the most  elaborate. We will provide you with full confirmation in writing of the costs involved once we have obtained  specific information regarding your personal requirements.


We will make all necessary payments to clergy, cemetery, crematorium, doctors, newspapers and other disbursements as required.


Our itemised account will be forwarded approximately ten days after the funeral.

There is no VAT to add to these costs as funeral services are exempt.


Traditional Funeral (burial or cremation)


The traditional service provides for our standard coffin, the "Ashling" and comprises of the following elements;


  • Removal of the deceased to a suitable resting place, allowing 10 running miles within normal working hours.

  • Use of our mortuary facilities and care of the deceased.

  • Use of our Chapel of Rest and basic hygienic care.

  • Taking instructions, making all necessary funeral arrangements and providing professional advice.

  • The preparation and submission of all statutory documentation to the relevant authorities.

  • Various administrative tasks including ordering floral tributes, listing of floral tributes, and placing obituary or acknowledgement notices.

  • Conveyance by motor hearse, leaving from either our premises or a local address, to a local church, local cemetery or local crematorium.

  • Providing the funeral director and all necessary staff.

  • Conveying floral tributes to a local hospital or nursing home following the funeral service.


The prices displayed for the traditional funeral are for our professional fees and service, and the cost varies only by the selection of the coffin or casket.  Full details can be found in our full price list


  A full written estimate will be issued upon confirmation of the funeral arrangements.


  £2400 + disbursements

Direct Cremation


This simplest of all funerals which meets the needs of a growing number of people who desire a respectful committal with minimal attention. Direct cremation is a practical, alternative, and lower-cost option when compared to a traditional funeral service. The Deceased is cremated without any initial service or procession and is suitable only for clients wishing to have a cremation but who do not wish to attend the funeral.  No mourners are permitted to attend the cremation and no music can be played.  A simple cardboard urn is provided for the cremated remains which will be collected from the crematorium and made available for the client to lay to rest:


  • Making all necessary funeral arrangements for the cremation.


  • Removal of the deceased to a suitable resting place, allowing 10 running miles within normal working hours, storage of the deceased in our mortuary facility and basic temporary preservation treatment


  • Provision of a simple foil veneered coffin and conveyance  direct to the Crematorium of our choosing.


  • Provision of the necessary staff.

  £1500 + disbursements




Disbursements are 3rd party costs that are incurred and paid on your behalf. They are added to our charges to give the final funeral account.


For example, for a cremation, they may include doctors fees, crematorium fees and officiant fees.

For a burial they may include cemetery fees, church and churchyard fees, officiant, organist, verger and gravedigger.

At present these costs include

Chichester Crematorium (normal service)                                        £1070

Chichester Crematorium (Direct Cremation, no service)                 £499

Doctors fees for Cremation forms                                                        £164

Minister's fee (including travel allowance)                                         £216

Celebrant (average cost)                                                                          £220

Burial disbursements vary from venue to venue, we can advise on all of these on request.

They would be confusing to list in their entirety.


Help with funeral payments

If you’re on a low income and need help to pay for a funeral you are arranging, you may be able to get a Funeral Payment from the Social Fund.  Your eligibility for a Funeral Payment will depend on the benefits you are receiving, your relationship to the person who has passed away, and any other money, other than your personal savings, that may be available to help with the cost of the funeral.  If successful in your application, the Funeral Payment will be a contribution towards the cost of the funeral rather than meeting the full cost.


Further information and application forms can be obtained from the  government’s website or in person from the nearest Department of Social Security Office:-



Job Centre Plus                                               Job Centre Plus

Gloucester House                                          5 Southgate

High Street,                                                     Chichester

Bognor Regis                                                  PO19 1JS

PO21 1HH                                                       0845 6043719



The distribution of the deceased’s estate is the responsibility of the  Executors. When there is no will the deceased is said to have died “intestate” and an application must be made to a special  division of the High Court in order to administer the estate, via the local probate



District Probate Registry,

William Street,


East Sussex.



01273 684071


Probate and Inheritance Tax Helpline 0845 3020 900