A memorial at a cemetery or at home provides a lasting memory and can give comfort by providing a place for you to visit and remember your loved one.

We can provide a wide selection of stonemasonry, from the simplest of tablets to the most ornate and elaborate memorial. We can also organise additional inscription, renovation, and cleaning of existing memorials.

You don't have to decide on a memorial when you arrange the funeral. We will help you with your choice at the appropriate time. It is often time well-spent for you to have visited a churchyard or cemetery to look at all the different available combinations, even take a photo or two. There is no brochure in existence that can show you the extent of different combinations of stone type, stone shape, lettering font and colour or any special emblems or ornaments. 

Memorials may be fixed into place after different timescales depending on venue. We will advise you, to help installing the memorial at the earliest possible point.

All our memorials are bespoke to your needs, and individual quotes will be given for each job.


Price guides

Cremation flat tablets from £150-£450

Lawn memorials from £800 - £2000

Lettering from £2.10 per letter